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Smart Manufacturing

Smart Manufacturing is used for production improvements throughout the value chain in an industrial production process.

The "Smarter Manufacturing Concept" is based on multivariate analyses to better understanding of complex industrial processes and product/process development. The major steps are:

  • Analysis/diagnostics
  • Understanding/hypothesis
  • Models
  • Simulations/Optimization
  • Verification
  • Implementation

One of the services where Tel-Tek offers solutions to customers is within SmartManufacturing.

Smart Manufacturing focus on optimizing profit by reducing costs from unwanted variation in manufacturing processes and products, thereby improving the bottom line and competitiveness.

By selecting new approaches and strategies based on modern tools for multivariate statistical analysis, process simulation and optimization in combination with the in-house process- and chemistry knowledge of our customers, the causes of the unwanted variation in all part of the value chain are revealed and minimized. The developed new knowledge are combined with process modelling and and so-called Quality by Design approach, where the aim is to optimize and gain accurate predictability of the process outcome.

The Smart Manufacturing concept has been applied with success to several industrial sites, giving significant improvements in the bottom line following the cost saving.

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