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Brief description of our main, ongoing and completed projects. NB! The list is currently being carried out, and more and more projects will subsequently be presented in the near future.

Improving Efficiency of Offshore Drill-cuttings Handling Process

This project aims to generate new knowledge on handling process of drilling waste (drill cuttings).

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Cloud point measurements. Modified ASTM D2500-11 Cloud point method for polymers-in-water – New measurements

Cloud point measurements of seven different polymers (Flopaam 5115SH, AN125, Flopaam 3630S, VP 9131, Kypam 7SH, Terraflux, Xanthan) performed at temperatures up to 95 °C.

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Fully Integrated Regenerative Carbonate Cycle (FIRCC) - Pre study

Regenerative Carbonate Cycle (RCC) is a promising cost-effective CO2 capture technology. The technology is based on the ability of calcium oxide to bind to CO2 in the fluegas in an exothermic reaction.

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Economically efficient and socially accepted CCS/EOR processes – PRO_CCS

There are several technological solutions for CO2 capture, transport and storage, however it should be noted, that the application of CCS based on onshore transport and deposition is currently difficult from two main reasons:

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Sustainable Use of Energy Carriers in the Kattegat / Skagerrak (KASK) Region

This project aims to study how improving energy efficiency and large scale integration of renewable energy can contribute to economic and environmental sustainable development of the Kattegat-Skagerrak region (KASK).

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CO2 Capture Test Facility at Norcem Brevik, Project phase II Test Step 1 - Work package: Benchmark Analysis

A test facility for CO2 capture in the cement industry is being built at Norcem's cement plant in Brevik, Norway.

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VRI Telemark 2014-2016

VRI Telemark is a project to promote sustainable attraction and innovative strength in knowledge-intensive and experience-oriented industries. The project will contribute to increasing innovation in small and medium enterprises.

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NORDiCCS is a virtual CCS networking platform aiming at increasing the deployment and commercialization of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology in the Nordic region.

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EDDiCCUT (Environmental Due Diligence of CO2 Capture and Utilization Technologies)

EDDiCCUT is a 4 year project aiming to systematically assess the life cycle environmental performance of current and novel CO2 capture and utilization technologies (CCT & CCU).

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