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EDDiCCUT (Environmental Due Diligence of CO2 Capture and Utilization Technologies)

EDDiCCUT is a 4 year project aiming to systematically assess the life cycle environmental performance of current and novel CO2 capture and utilization technologies (CCT & CCU).

The project consists on large amounts of R&D work on various CO2 capture techniques, and techno-economic evaluation of CCS.

In doing this, the project will, on the one hand:

  • address challenging system boundary definitions required to enable consistent comparisons of CCT and CCU

and, on the other hand:

  • integrate technical performance, uncertainties, cost estimation and life cycle inventory data compilation to ensure consistency and enhance quality.

We refer to this in total as an environmental due diligence assessment.

In order to do this, the project aims to develop and apply a systematic approach that makes use of existing tools and methods. In particular the project will put much emphasis on the harmonization of procedures for technology assessment, cost and material estimation and life cycle assessment. Consistent analysis warrants that these are fully compatible. Special attention will be paid to the treatment of uncertainties, both in the data used and on the level of knowledge on which the data is generated (e.g., guesses, assumptions based on analogous situations, empirical data based on experiments). The results generated in the project will provide knowledge and procedures to obtain knowledge to support R&D, investments policy decisions and priorities.

The work in the project is divided into one management task and 4 technical work packages, each dealing with a research area (RA1 to RA4). A schematic outline of the project is shown below:

Project manager and contact person


2012 - 2016


NTNU, Utrecht University

Funded by

Gassnova, EON, Shell, Barat Petroleum, Siemens



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