1 - Investigation of the Behaviour of Powders under and after Consolidation

Lars Petter Maltby

Dr.Ing. Thesis, Lars Petter Maltby, Norwegian Institute of Technology, 1993.

This thesis is a result of four years of work in the area of powder flow characterization. The work has been carried out at the Telemark Institute of Technology (TMIH) in a very close co-operation with Powder Science and Technology Research A/S (POSTEC-Research).

A lot of time and effort has been spent on the development and modification of two testers for the characterization of mechanical properties of powders; a biaxial tester and a uniaxial tester.

The biaxial tester, originally developed at University College London (UCL) in cooperation with the Chr. Michelsen Institute (CMI) in Bergen, has been very considerably modified, and automated, to the point where routine tests can be carried out on the unit by unskilled operators. The first prototype required, in the words of a former Ph.D. student, "the patience of a buddhist monk" to operate!

Using similar terminology, using the first version of the uniaxial tester and having reproducibility in mind, would be compared to using a blunderbuss blindfolded (luckily the monk survived), whereas the new version is more to be compared to a rifle with a telescopic sight ! The reproducibility was, in fact, so good that it was considered worthwhile to lodge an application for a patent.

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