17 - Investigations of flow and pressure in silos during filling and discharging in the presence of inserts

Songxiong Ding

This thesis is mainly concerned with the study of flow and pressure in silos during filling and discharging. It describes the numerical and experimental efforts undertaken to investigate the effects of filling modes and inserts on the flow and pressure in silos.

This PhD project has been carried out by Songxiong Ding in a period from 2000 to 2004 on a "home and away" basis. The home and away basis was a special arrangement between the University of Edinburgh (UOE), Scotland and the University College of Telemark (UCT), Norway arching over the North Sea. Such an arrangement was initiated by the late Prof. De Silva at UCT and achieved by Prof. Rotter at UOE, and later joined by Prof. Ooi at UOE and Prof. Enstad at UCT.

The author was sponsored by POSTEC (POwder Science and TEChnology), a department at Telemark Industrial R&D Centre, Porsgrunn, Norway, where the author spent most of his time during his candidature.

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