23 - Multimodal Measurements in Dilute Phase Pneumatic Conveying Systems

Urmila Datta

The main objective of the thesis was to investigate online techniques for understanding various process parameters of gas/solid flow in dilute phase pneumatic conveying process non-intrusively using ECT system, LDA and AE sensor systems

A new technique was developed based on pixel by pixel correlation of the consecutive reconstructed image data obtained from the single sensor plane to estimate the transverse velocity of slug flow in horizontal conveying system as well as vertical dilute phase flow. A model was also proposed for estimating average particle size indirectly from measured solid velocity. This research was carried out under a research project MODPOWFLOW of Telemark Technological Research and Development Centre. This project was funded by the Research Council of Norway (NFR). The project was accomplished under the guidance of Prof. Saba Mylvaganam in the Department of Electrical Engineering, Information Technology and Cybernetics in Telemark University College as a main supervisor and late Prof. Tomasz Dyakowski at the Department of Chemical engineering, University of Manchester as co-supervisor.

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